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Shredded beef empanada with Sole ceviche glazed in a citrus sauce with green chiles salsa. This dish was an explosion of flavors in my mouth with the collaboration of land and sea and a kick of spice. 

Restaurant: Bolivar 

Location: Miami, Florida 


Used for more than 6000 years, the molcajete is/was a big part of culinary tradition in Mexico. Molcajetes are made from volcanic rock which is said to preserve the flavor of the food. Originally purposed to be used for corn and spices it is also used to cook meats giving it an unprecedented flavor. This is a molcajete mixto I enjoyed during my travels to Mexico. The meat melted in my mouth.

Restaurant: Unknown

Location: Chihuahua, Mexico


Plantains are a starchier less sugar filled family member of the banana family native to India and the Caribbean. They are treated more like a vegetable than a fruit and cooked alongside most meals to compliment the main dish fried stovetop with various light oils. They are normally served with red meats. This was served to me at a Dominican resort with breakfast. 

Restaurant: Casa Bella Restaurante

Location: Dominican, Republic 


Native to southeast Asia and Central America the Rambutan is a tropical floral sweet and tangy fruit full of vitamin C. This specific one was enjoyed by me in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle during a hike on a guided tour. Its a very rare and delicious fruit that is a must try during your visit to this region.

Restaurant: Buah Rambutan Tree

Location: Costa Rican Jungle


Mole Poblano a rich dish bursting with flavor and spice. Created with chocolate and several spices this dish is not easy to recreate. It is native to the regions of Puebla and Oaxaca but you can find this dish in restaurants all over Mexico and normally served with chicken or drizzled over enchiladas. 

Restaurant: El Meson Del Marques

Location: Valladolid Mexico


Beignets comes from the French word binge which means fritter. Its a New Orleans specialty as fried raised pieces of yeast dough in the shape of a square then covered in powdered sugar for exemplary flavor. Its normally served for breakfast with coffee or hot cocoa. Beignets pictured were served hot at the most popular cafe in New Orleans.

Restaurant: Cafe Du Monde

Location: New Orleans Louisiana 


Crawfish Stuffed Shrimp was my pick at this historical New Orleans restaurant. Crawfish is the official state crustacean of Louisiana and is a very special part of cajun cuisine. Louisiana  has served several dish options that include crawfish for hundreds of years. 

Restaurant: Antoine's Restaurant 

Location: New Orleans Louisiana 

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