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Ibiza Spain: From Dusk Til Dawn

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

View of Med Sea from Cafe Del Mar

After spending some time in Barcelona on a girls trip there was no way my girlfriend and I were not going to visit Ibiza as it was only a short hop away by plane. I have literally been talking about visiting Ibiza since high school, I was beyond excited for what was to come. We boarded our flight in Barcelona and less than a glass of champagne later we were preparing for landing. The Island was absolutely gorgeous. It was the end of July and one of the MOST popular times to visit. We were immediately greeted by our driver of our hotel. We stayed at a resort on Playa D'en Bossa which is the largest and most popular beach in Ibiza. In less than 10 minutes we were exiting our shuttle to the El Dorado where we spent our next two days in Ibiza. We were floored by the view. We were shown to our room which was the "David Bowie" suite. All of the rooms are rock star themed and each star had personally stayed in the room. We entered our suite where we had the entire view of the beach and the pool and could see the sea go on for miles. We had a bar stocked with alcohol and chasers and a large speaker we could connect to our phones to have our very own party if we wanted. We enjoyed our room for a few hours, relaxed to the view with a great drink and our favorite tunes before heading out to our dinner at Cafe Del Mar. I had to make reservations for this place months in advance to get a clear view of the sunset. The sunsets here are unlike any other sunset you will ever see in the world (or so I was told). We enjoyed our dinner, a few drinks and took in the views of the large Yachts that were coming into the bay to view the sunset. I started to notice people gathering alongside the beach, near the cafe, on the rocks in the water: everywhere! As the sun started its descend there was classical music playing and people continued to herd together for the grand view. In no time, you could see more boats than water. We watched carefully as the sun made its descent giving off hues of purple, orange, red and yellow like I had never seen before. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. As soon as the crown of the sun took its final dip and darkness came over the bay the music suddenly switched to electronic and a mass of clapping and cheering began as if everyone was welcoming a new night of partying. The atmosphere of the place immediately changed and you could definitely tell it was party time. We were able to bar hop from place to play along the Bay and try their different drinks. We were provided party tickets to go out and hear DJ's play. There was a very famous DJ that played her entire set topless, this was a major hit at Bora Bora (local club). We danced the night away and ended our night enjoying the sounds of the ocean on our oceanfront balcony.

The next morning we decided to explore a little more. We ventured out on foot and headed for brunch at the Hard Rock which was a short walk down the road. The view was spectacular and the jamon and Cafe Bon Bon's amazing. After brunch we walked around the city, shopped at local shops and different hotels hosting day parties. We returned to our hotel where we purchased a bottle of vodka, sunbathed topless (because this is the norm in Europe) and got the most amazing 90 minute massage near the sea. We continued our night in Ibiza watching the sunset and the music switch to initiate party mode.

View from El Dorado Suites

Ibiza is truly a unique spot in Europe and its pretty clear that it can be enjoyed the most in the summer months. It is extremely close to Barcelona and France in flight, so try to add this to your list if you are in the vicinity. Some of the best day parties can be found at the major hotels and it is an absolute must to visit the Grand Cappuccino Cafe and Cafe Del Mar to see the sunset and the yachts cruising by. There isn't a bad spot on Play D'en Bossa, the entire Island is gorgeous and everyone is friendly. Spanish is the native tongue and you will run into many that do not speak English so be prepared to speak at least basic Spanish and party from dusk until dawn.

View at Breakfast Hard Rock Hotel

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