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Costa Rica: Pura Vida!

Arenal Volcano (Active)

Costa Rica is like something out of movie. My husband and I picked the destination for our honeymoon by recommendation. We went during rainy season as it promised not only cheaper costs but also the most beautiful plush green views. Approaching the date, we saw thunderstorms in the forecast every single day all day; however, it only rained for no more than an hour per day and it was always the beginning of the day and then out came the sun. We scheduled several excursions as we are a couple of adventure. We scheduled a waterfall excursion to see La Vieja and La Perla, Jungle hike around the base of the Arenal Volcano , a Safari and lunch and tour at the Baldi Hot springs which were near the Arenal Volcano. Each excursion allowed us to explore what Costa Rica had to offer and engage in extreme

adventure which we were the most excited about. On our first full day we boarded the tour bus to head toward the waterfalls. It was a little bit of a hike from Guanacaste to Liberia where the waterfalls were. We were in a large vehicle that resembled a Jeep wrangler with extra rows of seats. The unpaved path that we took was very rough and wet, we got stuck

a few times and that required the tour guides to get out and push the vehicle by foot in some areas. We arrived at La Vieja first, then descended down a slippery man-made ladder for a closer look.

Since it was rainy season, the body of water that fed the waterfalls were much fuller therefore the waterfalls were more dangerous as the water poured uncontrollably over the edge. We were able to get up close and personal with La Vieja and take many photos of the muddy powerful entity. La Perla was the same, looking nothing like its photos with crystal clear calm waters but overrun with water due to the excessive rain that Costa Rica experiences this time of the year. If bathing in the crystal clear bodies of water near the falls is what you seek, going during dry season is a much better time of year (May –Aug). The jungle hike through Arenal was next. It was a very small group of adventurous couples that were ready to enjoy the wildlife that Costa Rica had to offer. During our hike we ran into Holler Monkeys, vipers (that we almost stepped on), white faced capuchins, leaf ants, yellow breasted toucans, large

termite nests, rattlesnake flowers, translucent butterflies and so much more. It was nice to be able to be one with nature on this 6 mile hike through the jungle. We finished our hike at the base of Arenal for photos as it is an active volcano. The safari was a nice break from all the adventure from the previous days as you could safely and comfortably sit in an open vehicle to feed the animals. Baldi hot springs were the last stop as we could bath in the hot springs and relax. After a hot spring bath, you feel refreshed and awake. The waters contain minerals that leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated when done. Its calming due to its  natural warmth of the water fed from the volcano. We enjoyed a Costa Rican dinner at the Baldi resort following our bath. On our final night we visited a local beach (Coco Beach) where we bought souvenirs at the local shops for little to nothing and explored local bars and eateries. We relaxed at the resort and said our goodbyes to our honeymoon that was an adventure to remember.

Costa Rica is a must visit destination meant for adventure couples or families. It’s known for its long list of waterfalls, wildlife, active volcano and plush green jungle. It’s too pretty to sit at the resort and not explore. Many people speak English, its extremely safe and extremely cheap once you are there. There is so much to do. If you are adventurous, outdoorsy and curious, this is the place for you. Pura Vida (Simple Life)!

La Vieja Waterfall

La Perla Waterfall

Safari Tour

Baldi Hotsprings

Up close and personal with a White Faced Capuchin

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