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I grew up on the east side of Detroit Michigan. My parents worked hard (sometimes multiple jobs) to send me to private Catholic schools hoping for the best education you can buy. Growing up, I saw that my parents worked hard but were never able to afford a vacation. I remember our weekly life's routine as work, school, home, grocery store, clean house and  repeat. As I grew older, I witnessed my friend's parents and families vacationing and having somewhere to go for spring break, Christmas and other holidays while we stayed home. This made me sad but also made me think: why can't we do this? Why can't we vacation if my parents are always working?  Well it was quite simple: we couldn't afford it. I thought to myself, working to be alive can't be the only reason we are here. The world is just too beautiful for that. Fast forward to my college years, I often saved what little money I had made to engage in spring break travel with my friends. I found out what I had been missing out on as I saw families, groups of teens and couples unwinding and enjoying the lax atmosphere through food, drink and fun. I wanted this life and I wanted it often. It was like getting my first tattoo: addicting! I made a vow to myself to go on at least two trips a year. I would do without that new purse, gotta have jeans and going out every weekend or even to lunch with friends. It all adds up. I would squirrel away every free dime that I had after savings and essentials were met and use it toward travel. On average, I spend about $25 per week (spending cash), the rest goes to travel. I now take about 10 to 12 vacations a year. My goal is to explain to everyone that is interested; how to travel on a budget, how to travel often and why I travel as much as I do. It's not just a hobby, its a release from life. Fly with me and you will see how awesome it could be. Welcome to my blog.  

- Citizen of the World, TravelNTorres

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